What does it mean to “Be Healthy”?


The word “healthy” has taken on many definitions and is a term that represents different things to different people. For instance, what “healthy” means to a college student may drastically differ from what it means to a working mom. Regardless of who you are, I want to make a very clear point in this blog. Being healthy does not have one definition. It is not one stereotype or a set of rules that you have to live by- it is more of an evolving journey with plenty of falling on your ass along the way. Trying to figure out what works for you can be confusing which is why there isn’t one correct way to do it.

Being Healthy - Defined for Me

Personally, healthy means feeling fit, strong, and confident. It means being honest with yourself and practicing personal responsibility for your actions. It means doing what works for you and your body, eating a balanced diet with wholesome foods, and enjoying the occasional treat when you feel like it. Healthy doesn’t have to mean expensive either. I often talk to people who say they want to clean up their eating, so their game plan is to head to their nearest health food store and stock up on every “superfood” and other goodies they can find - because they think that this is the definition of “healthy eating”. This all too often then leads to the dilemma of having to hand over a ton of money for foods they probably don’t even know how to cook.

While I encourage trying new things and experimenting with new foods and exotic items at the market, it is important to remember that it is possible to eat “healthy” with easily accessible foods that you can find in your local supermarket. There are SO many delicious meals you can make with fresh fruits, veggies, and proteins that are readily available and all equally packed with nutrients.

Remember- the ultimate goal is how you feel on the inside, not how you look on the outside. Seriously I know that seems too simple but it really is the most important thing. Social media is a great tool for sharing but never get caught up in comparing yourself to others. You are awesome just as you are!