In an industry full of one-size-fits-all and quick fixes, Dirigo Fitness provides an individualized, personalized approach to nutrition and exercise combined with accountability and support from a trainer.

When you have the right educationsupport and encouragement to change your life, you can re-think what's possible and commit to the journey


You are a go-getter in so many areas of your life. You work hard, you thrive in your profession and you give your family your all. You just need a better way to integrate healthy habits into your life long-term. That is why our programs are built around keeping you accountable to an individualized and proven plan that is focused on healthy results. If you are ready to take back control, feel like YOU again, and be empowered to live your life without any limitations click “Get Started Now” for more information!

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Coral joined Dirigo ONE YEAR AGO, and she has been making phenomenal progress ever since! A year from now you will be happy you started!



10 years ago Neil got into a biking accident. He wasn’t able to walk without a cane. He never thought he was going to be able to run again...

Neil : “....running is a funny exercise. It’s really hard. People go outside and run everyday for miles, but for me just running these bases is a miracle.”