Make This YOUR Best Year Ever


Thank you for your interest in our Restart program!


It is perfect for people that have maybe "fallen off the wagon" so to speak with their fitness or "tried everything, but can't make anything work or stick."  Really it is an education program. People learn what "living healthy" looks like from them specifically. It is exercise and nutritional support that is individualized with a focus on long-term success.


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Different plan = different results!

Our Re-Start Program is open for 15 more women ready to recommit to health and wellness goals. Receive education, guidance and support in a semi-private setting. This is not a gym, it's a program that is personalized for each member that joins. 

This means we spend time working with our clients on the nutrition AND the exercise components that are required for achieving the results you’re looking for. But you get here is a coach that is available all the time. Someone to help with not only your exercise program and to offer guidance on nutrition. But you actually are then getting the support with how to make it all work and fit your life. You have someone to hold you accountable in the beginning, but more importantly you have
someone to show you how to be accountable to yourself.


The Benefits Include:
>Weight loss
>Increased energy
>Better and more restful sleep
>Boosted immune systems
>Mental clarity and improved mood
>Decreased anxiety
>Reduced PMS/Menopause symptoms


Program Details: 

The ReStart Program Lasts 6 Weeks. 

Starts Monday January 22nd and Ends Sunday March 4th

-Exercising with a trainer 3 times weekly in a motivating and positive environment. 

-Nutritional guidance 4 times per month to educate and encourage you so you can successfully reach your fitness and wellness goals. 

-Education in many other aspects of wellness, such as general health, that will help boost your confidence and lower your stress levels.

-Fitness assessments that can measure your body's strengths and weaknesses to help you set and reach your goals.