Our step-by-step process gives you a proven path to accomplishing your goals!

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Personal Training

If you are looking for training that will be safe, relationship-based, and 100% focused on you, then one-on-one training is for you! Your coach will gear every workout, exercise, repetition, and set toward your main goal. Whether you are just getting started or are just ready to see results that match your effort, at Dirigo Fitness you will be provided with the support, encouragement, and education to ensure your success. 


Semi-Private Training

We believe everyone's path to being their very best self is a combination of nutrition and exercise. 

That's why we work with every member to define their goals and provide education, support and guidance for both nutrition AND exercise. 

You know how to get things done … you’ve got grit - when you learn how to turn that energy towards your own personal wellness goals, you will change your life!

Along with nutrition counseling, we offer small group training sessions - Monday Thru Saturday. 



Gayl A.

Gail Lost 20 Pounds and 7 % Body Fat