Nutrition Solutions By Design:
a program designed to honor each person's biochemical individuality

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to fashion, music or even talk therapy -- so why would one diet work for every individual body? In fact, there are hundreds of different genes in the human body that can contribute to why you're carrying a few extra pounds. Plus, the medications you're taking can affect the way a particular food diet impacts your body in a way that is different from most other people. That's why your diet should be specific to your body and its individual needs. A cookie cutter plan can only get you so far when your unique body demands individualized care.

Bio-nutritional guidance acknowledges that human physiology, metabolism and molecular genetics all play a role in what makes a body thrive. Whether you're trying to achieve a specific health or fitness goal or improve your overall health, an individualized nutrition plan that factors in your unique biochemical make-up can help you have a health breakthrough.


Why use a personalized health plan?

Trying to fit your unique biochemistry into a diet designed for the masses can lead to stagnation and frustration on the journey toward your healthiest body. The food that is someone else's nourishment may be your poison. A holistic approach, on the other hand, allows you to discover exactly what your body needs and answer its call with a specialized plan.

Bio-individual diets can lower your chance of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other serious conditions. Simply put, a personalized health plan that takes into account your unique genetic make-up and current health status in a way that generic diets do not.


What's included?

Our personalized accelerated nutrition program begins with an assessment of your individual needs and body chemistry. Using advanced knowledge of physiology and genetics and evaluating your diet and lifestyle, we will develop a nutritional plan designed just for your body.

For this investment in your health, you receive:

  • A body chemical assessment with individualized support

  • A comprehensive nutrition plan that works with your lifestyle and factors in your short- and long-term health goals

  • Weekly meetings to go over your progress, questions, concerns and determine the appropriate next steps (including any appropriate changes to your nutrition plan)

  • lab work to determine your levels of essential minerals and vitamins, as well as identify any potential red flags that need to be addressed

If you're feeling frustrated with your health, it could be your diet. The power of a personalized biochemical assessment and nutrition plan can't be overstated. Sign up for our program today and you'll be on the road to better health soon!