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don’t beat yourself up about past mistakes.

We are getting close to the new year. Every new year bring the promise of a new fresh start.

Most us dont even make a list of resolutions in the hoping to better ourselves anymore.Why because we have had to abandon our efforts entirely by Feb. 1 (if not by Jan. 2). 

Such failures are not mere disappointments, as they can create emotional wounds that impact our psychological well-being. Indeed, too often the annual ritual that is meant to strengthen our self-esteem and improve our lives leaves us concluding we’re “lazy,” “weak,” or incapable of change and feeling even worse about ourselves than befor we started.

But are we lazy, weak, and incapable of change, or are we judging ourselves unfairly?

Studies show the reason most of us fail to stick to our New Year’s resolutions has nothing to do with our strength of character or our willpower. Rather, it is because we neglect to think through how we plan to achieve our goals. Indeed, we tend to make five very basic but crucial errors that put the kibosh on our efforts before we even start.

The good news is that addressing these mistakes can radically increase our likelihood of sticking to our resolutions and finding success. Some or even all of them will be familiar to you, but don’t beat yourself up about past mistakes.  

Laura explains how to do that above