Nutrition: Simple = Successful

If you have been participating in our newly-established nutrition classes this month, then you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with new information, some pressure to create new habits, or (insert your limiting belief of choice here) about your chances of success. Fortunately, though, nutrition doesn’t have to be an insurmountable, complicated topic.

In fact…  

Nutrition must start SIMPLE!

You need to meet yourself where YOU are, today.  Consider these simple fixes:

·Are you chewing your food 32 times? It may sound ridiculous, but this will allow your body to absorb more of your food’s nutrients.

·Are you eating vegetables multiple times per day?

·Are you eating 10 colors of vegetables throughout the week?

·Are you drinking ½ of your body weight, in ounces, of water each day (as a minimum)?

·Are you taking in a consistent amount of protein?

·Are you mixing up your food sources so that you don’t eat the same exact thing each day?

If you aren’t doing one of these things, put that in place today, and your health will move in the right direction. Once you’ve got that dialed in, add another. Nutrition isn’t a “figure out the fastest option” game. It’s a game of consistency, cleanliness, quality and above all – simplicity.

Take a few moments and ask yourself, “Where am I at, today?” and go from there. Making minor changes can add up to BIG SUCCESS.

Remember- you’ve got this and we are here to help you succeed.